The TSA will be checking your bag whether you see them or not.  If you don’t see them it is even more important that you have a lock that is approved by the TSA.  The TSA needs access to your bag!  PERIOD! 

The TSA in assocation with lock manufacturers have come up with a standard locking system.  Read more about it at www.travelsentry.org. 

I have some of those locks available to you.  View the locks I have listed below:


Sharper Image Travel Sentry Luggage Locks (KT101)  

Sharper Image Travel Sentry Luggage Locks (KT101)  

Travel Accessories Travel Sentry 4-Dial Combination Lock Black  

Travel Accessories SamsoniteŽ Travel Sentry Key Lock (Set of 2) Brass  

Travel Accessories Travel Sentry 3-Dial Combination Lock Black     






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